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Welcome to Air Gun World.
Here at "Air Gun World" we will show you how to repair and improve your air gun.

We will also give you all kinds of info about air guns. Chrony tests, lube testings, advice and much more. Stay tuned to us, this site will grow with in time.

The XS B-4-2
A great low budget air gun. It is made of solid milled blued steel with a real wood stock. A real can opener, about 800 fps in .177 cal. This air gun is recommended by "Air Gun World" as the best Chinese air gun made for the price.

The XS B-4-2 comes with a solid milled steel trigger that has a smooth trigger action, steel elevation sights for close and distance shooting, sling hardware already installed on the stock, smooth cocking action, Ak type sights. All in all you get lots more for your money than any other air gun on the market.

Check the "Index" for repair info and other interesting air gun info.

Get your XS B-4-2 at a discount price today. You don't need to have a credit card to buy here.