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Rebuilding the B-4-2

Make a B-4-2 sighting tool.

Air Gun Maintenance

Rebuilding a spring piston air gun.

Chrony tests.

How to build a spring compressor.

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Lycos One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
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Favorite Sites
Air Gun Information My new modern site that has more info than ever before. Animations, music and packed with interesting air gun info.
Air Gun Demos. This is a very interesting site, "Air Rifle Links and Demos", has some great demos for scope users and other interesting demos about air guns, links and information.
Eddie's Air Gun Forum Here is a air gunner's forum where you can exchange ideas with other air gunners world wide, ask advice and share your hobby.
Info about the Super Max 1000/B-21 The best page on the internet about the Super Max 1000/B-21. History of the B-21, trouble shooter, photos, the works.
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