Make a XS B-3/B-42- Sighting Tool.
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How to make a B-4-2 & XS B-3 Sight Tool.
Here I used a piece of 3/8" steel construction rebar to make a B-4-2/XS B-3 sighting tool. I used a electrical jig saw with a metal cutting blade to make the slot for the front sight. I then used a electrical grinder to grind down the sides so that the tool would fit into the top hole of the front sight. Now with this tool I can set the elevation of the B-4-2/XS-B-3 front sights.

Also for windage a tapping method is used on the sides of the bolt of the front sight to set the windage on these air guns. Use a pair of pliers and tap on the side of the bolt that favors the windage you want. Once the front sight is set on these air guns the air gun is very accurate.

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