How to build you own spring compressor.
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How to build a simply spring compressor for your spring piston air gun.
A spring compressor is a must for rebuilding a spring piston air gun. It is used to take out the main spring and to install a new one. It is dangerous to take out a main spring without a spring compressor. The main spring of your air gun is under pressure and can cause you harm if you try and take it out with out a spring compressor.

  Making your spring compressor. Here is a spring compressor I made out of a 45 inch long 2x4 treated wood board. Other materials I used were a 8 inch C-Clamp, which I placed on a 12 inch 2½x 1 inch board and I screwed it to the top of the 45 inch, 2x4 with 4, 3 inch screws.

Notice I cut the end of the C-Clamp and drilled two holes for placing 2, 2 inch screws to screw it to the 12 inch board.

I also used a 4 inch piece of 2x4 on the other end, secured it in place with 4, 3 inch screws and a 4 inch, 2½x 1 inch "V" grooved piece of wood in the middle, to secure the air gun to the press, I also screwed it in place. After finishing the spring press, I used a wood sealant to paint it, this well help in the future for cleaning off oil, tar, grease off the spring press.

Spring Compressor.
  Close up of spring compressor. Notice on the end of the spring compressor I have place 2 blocks of wood, the bottom block of wood is for regular spring piston air guns, the top block is futher down for magnum air guns like the B-21.

A adjustable strap is used in the middle for holding down the air guns while working.

Spring compressor adapted for use on magnum air guns.
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